For woke folk, coffee cargo comes by sailboat to cut emissions

A FEW specialty roasters in the EU are offering beans that have been sailed instead of shipped by fossil-fueled vessels from South America, reports Bloomberg.

Although they’re rarer than standard bags of supermarket coffee, the wind-blown beans may inspire some ideas for mitigating carbon emissions from a person’s everyday life.

The process is simple. Roasters buy the beans directly from growers in nations like Colombia before they’re stored in a warehouse and loaded onto a sailboat.

The crossing typically takes six weeks and the beans are couriered to specialty roasters before ending up in espressos served in coffee shops or at home.

“You’re one step away from the coffee being grown, almost,” said Yallah Coffee founder Richard Blake.


Yallah Coffee is a Cornwall-based roaster that sells beans sailed from Colombia.

A one-kilogramme bag of Yallah Coffee’s Las Brisas beans costs US$62, but boasts “a carbon footprint close to zero.”

As a price comparison, the most expensive coffee bean in the UK supermarket that Tesco sells online is a one kilogramme bag for $17.

Mr Blake declared people are happy to pay for a premium product “if they feel like there is value in all the steps.”

“That can be lost with the homogenised mix of beans on a supermarket shelf, whereas if it’s single-origin, and if it’s on a ship, there’s fewer people in the chain, and that creates more value,” said Mr Blake.


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Post time: Jun-15-2022